Thursday, August 14, 2008

Car Sleeping

I have finally found my people. The interesting and mixed group of us that spend the lunch hour sitting in the parking garage. It’s a strange little congress of us that sit quietly our cars whiling away the lunch hour. I noticed today that we as a people congregate in one little corner of the garage. Like the “fours” did in the shipping containers in I robot. For some unexplained reason we group together, maybe for protection. Maybe to just stay away from the “Let’s go out to lunch together” people. God we hate them. They just ruin everything. “Hey, let’s all go out to Bennigans together, then I won’t put in enough money.” So unified we sit. Personally I sleep while listening to endless IPod David Sedaris audio books. But it doesn’t matter, some listen to talk radio, some just while away watching the clock slowly click away until 1PM. Earlier this week I heard a muffled “It’s time to go back.” My first thought was to roll down the window and scream “some of us are trying to sleep!” Like we’re in some sort of car Barrio. But quickly realized it was just the brethren helping the common good. So stand tall if you waste your lunch in your car. Then recline the seat and doze.


Anonymous said...

......until the day comes that all 4 of youare sitting in one persons car - all listening to talk radio together - but not saying a word to each other..... I can see ti now... somehow I want to tie in the golden girls into this comment - perhaps this is how it all started for them... cn

Gooster said...

Pre-cell phone, I had a little battery operated alarm clock in my car. Of course I was in my early 20's and going out partying till the wee hours every night. Oh the life of the siesta automoblia.