Monday, August 25, 2008


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Yesterday was the pre-kick off for the 2008 DNC and I was on the beat for you, the loyal reader. The protesters have poured into Denver over the last couple days. You could not drive on I-70 without seeing a Hybrid with a “Protect free speech” bumper sticker and sleeping bags packed in the back. Yesterday was the kickoff of the protest marches planned all this week.

Have you see Mark Cohen the speaker for Recreate 68 protest group? He seems like the type that would cut in front of you in line at Target. Yes, I believe highly in ending the war and every other platform that most of the protesters have, and yet shouldn’t they be in Minnesota? When you talk to the protesters individually they’re concerned about American’s free speech and civil liberties being trampled on, but wasn’t that all constructed by the Bushies? It does seem a little like professional protesters are showing up just because they like conflict.

Yesterday Cindy Sheehan spoke very beautifully about ending the war. Then Recreate 68 spokesperson Mark Cohen had to beat his chest stating that the only reason turnout was so low (around 1,000) was due to “the man” scaring away people. But I have to give it to him. Mark Cohen one, 16th street mall shuttle buses zero. They successfully blocked the mall shuttles from moving on the 16th mall. We were downtown yesterday and I have to say there is nothing hotter than a man in riot gear. Wow! There were some hot guys with zip straps on their hips. All and all, Denver has never looked better, downtown is as clean and more beautiful then I’ve ever seen it. Tonight Michelle Obama will speak at the Pepsi Center introducing her husband as a middle class hard working man. Can you imagine have a President that had student loans? Out of the whole convention I’m most excited about her speech. The local Fox news station had more coverage with the Republicans in town then with a single Democrat. In an interview with Fox the head of the RNC said "Blah, blah blah."

Down with mall shuttles!


Howard said...

I'm looking forward to Michelle's speech tonight. I hope I can tune in at work if the antenna works.

Anonymous said...

Annnnnnnnnnddddddddddd - I forgot to tell you at dinner last night - a whole bunch of local hairdressers volunteered their time the other day to give hair cuts to all of the homeless here in Denver.... Ask my other half - he knows one of them - the hair dressers.... he wouldn't know any homeless.....