Tuesday, December 11, 2007


So I went to a big gay holiday party on Saturday and it went really well. There was 8 inches of snow just to set the mood. This was the first of Carl’s parties
were I didn’t want to deck someone during the festivities. Frank taught me a new word. “Idick” This stems from the guys who kept showing off their Iphones to anyone that would come within 50 feet. The more they talk about their iphones and how their lives have become so “cosmopolitan” the more they become huge dickheads. Hence Idick, the act of being a dick for showing off your Iphone like anyone really cares. You still live in a city with a larger tax base for football then the museums. Just because you have an Iphone doesn’t make you any less socially awkward.

Speaking of awkward did you see in the news that Al Gore won the Nobel peace prize? During part of this process he and the other Nobel laureates got to meet with President George Bush. During this meeting W stated that if it weren’t for a change of fate President Gore would be greeting him in the oval office to congratulate him for winning the Nobel. What the freaking hell! Why on earth would W win a Nobel. Are they giving them out for vodka drinking and bad articulation?

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