Thursday, December 27, 2007


Christmas was great, ate of course way to much. It snowed about 8 inches on Christmas day making it one of the few white Christmas’ in Colorado. We got over to Frank and Kevin’s around noon for sausage bread and the snow was already coming down at a good clip. The Twelve of us always have a “Chinese gift exchange.” We ended up having one of the deadliest exchanges on record. This was due to Fuzzy and Michelle in a head lock over a crock-pot. Accusations and pears where thrown. At one point it was the Straights against the gays. Sad, but true in the end Michelle went home with the crock-pot.
I received season one and two of Dallas on DVD. And yes, it is Dallas the TV show and No, no matter how much you beg, you can not borrow it. Yesterday I called in sick and spent the day hanging out with Fuzz the Boyfriend, took down the tinsel tree, went to the gym then to Daz Bog for coffee. As I was parking the Jeep, I noticed a very well dressed lady carrying about four Macy’s bags on her shoulder, since there around six inches of snow on the ground I thought this lady is dedicated to shopping. Then I realized that she was walking down the street sprinkling ice melt in front of her. I guess to not slip on the ice. She stops and scoops again from one on the Macys’ bags. “Wow,” I said “Macy’s carries ice melt?” To which Fuzz replies, “and it’s probably sixty bucks.”

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