Thursday, December 6, 2007

GayJeeps has ranked the top gay cars for 2007. The #1 car is a total surprise to me. The Toyota Yaris came out right above the Saab 9-3. Now I believe the Saab, I have dated no less then 3 guys that drove Saabs. But the Yaris, Seriously? This tiny little car just seams so not gay. Now if they said the Prius I’d understand. From my experience in the gay ghettos I would think that the Jeep Wrangler would be up on the list and yet no Jeeps or trucks where listed.

This is not just because I happen to drive a Jeep Wrangler but more based on my on dating and just experience with “the gays.”

Yes It’s time for one of StevieB’s rules of dating. My rule on cars are, I don’t date guys that drive them. Especially after dating 3 guys that drove Saabs, from then on I decided that I will only date a guy if he drove a truck. I’m just more attracted to the kind of guy that would drive a big butch truck. So there.
You just can’t ignore the gay Jeeps of America. I really need to Google that. Then maybe start that as a gay subclass, because that’s what the gay community needs is more subclasses. Then spinning off from this group they’ll have Lesbian Jeeps of America then Bear Jeeps then Furry Jeeps. That’s if you’re gay and think you’re a dog but want the wind to blow through your fur as you drive. As a gay Jeep Dog?
Seriously, I’m going to start GayJeeps. “ We’re here, We’re Queer. We like to drive around without our shirts so you can see our large and manly pecs!” Catchy hu? I’m going to have Dalton make T-shirts.
If your one of the un-lucky and don’t have a Jeep, you can still join but as a Jeep Admirer. Who’s with me? I need help pouring beer at the Eagle Beer Bust.

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Gooster said...

We can caravan! GAY JEEPERS UNITE!