Friday, December 7, 2007


When I left Dallas I left behind the only man I ever loved. Well, the only fast food man I’ve ever loved. It was a tough decision to leave Dallas and Jack. Jack in the box is pretty much the best fast food on the planet. Did you know that Jack actually invented the drive through? Smart guy, when I left the bar I really didn’t want to have to get out of the Jeep in chaps just to get some food. The drive through was invented just to save the general public form having to see my 2:30AM bare ass.

When Dalton and I left Dallas it was with a heavy heart. I knew I was coming to a place that didn’t have Jack in the Box. Yes, there really was a place. A city that had no yummy Breakfast Jacks or 99-cent tacos. Now Denver had Jack in the boxes back in the 90s. But then they released their e.coli burger. A flesh-eating bacterium on a bun. After that they pulled out of the state. I had to suffer in somewhat silence all this time. That was until I was perusing through the Denver Post and found and article that my man was coming back to Denver. I felt renewed, like my man was coming back from war. Some sort of fast food war where they fought with sweet, sweet ketchup. The only problem was they didn’t have a grand opening date. So after five times of driving across town, did I mention that it’s completely across town? They finally opened and I am now reunited with my yummy breakfast jack and my sweet antenna ball headed man, Jack. If you want to go hit me up I’ll go any time. Or you can find me there with a tray of jack’s burgers and sweet ketchup on my chin.

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