Sunday, December 2, 2007

My Christmas Sixpack

I just received my invite to the annual cookie exchange. Wow, that sounded really gay didn’t it? Even for me. Since I’ve shared my adventure from years past I think I just might not participate. Oh I’m going, Hello open bar but I just may pass of the baking part.
I’m desperately trying to cut some muscles and for that I need to lose 5 more pounds by the cruise in January. As muscle gains go I’m getting to the point where I have good mass but you can’t really see the progress due to layer of “insulation.” I’m now believing that everyone has a six pack it’s just hidden under layers of fat. So baking holiday joy may not be the best for me.

Thank you Carl and Will, now this what I needed a Chistmas party. I’m still not dragging that garland crap out of the closet but there is something about holiday parties that gets me happy. Well, that and Joe will be there. God he’s hot. Sometimes I just stare at his muscular forearms and giggle.

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