Saturday, December 1, 2007

Picture Pectoral Perfect

Gay men as a whole must be afraid of technology. Maybe not afraid, just not sure all the benefits of their technology. Yes, I know I’m generalizing or as the Department of Home land security is so apt in I’m “profiling.” The gays love the newest and the very best. Do you think Apple would be gaining huge market shares if it were not for the shiny MacPro or as I do the clean lines of the Macbook? The gays drive the market in so many cool, shiny and expensive toys.
Why do I see so many guys unable to use their cameras? As you may or not know I’m am a “profile junkie” I spend hours on sites from Manhunt to Big Muscle Bear and every web site between. It seams to me that every profile I check out has the “I’m taking my own picture in the bathroom mirror” picture. Why is this? You can clearly see that the camera is a very nice new and not some sort of 70s Polaroid. All these cameras must have a timer? Do we as a people not know how to use the technology that we possess? I say yes. That or we’re focused on making our pecs look as big as possible. In fair disclosure I in the past was one of these bathroom guys. It took months to realize that the shower behind me was a filthy mess.
In the last couple of years we’ve all seen those independent companies pop up just to sell your crap on Ebay. How about a chain that will take your photo posed however you’d like. You could finally break out those chaps hanging in the closest. This company will give you your pictures to load them on the WWW. Oh wait, they’re called photographers. They hang out in photography studios. Never mind.

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