Tuesday, March 8, 2011


This week I’m taking five topics and just writing:

Dumbest Thing Ever Done
Toughest Choice
Happiest Moment
Crush / Lust
Secret Loves

You're welcome to join in, write anything you feel along these ideas and let me know where I can read the outcome. Or just enjoy the carnage....


Depending on your perspective tough choices come into our life’s on a daily bases, or only once in a life time. I’ve decided to go back to school after…. Well since dinosaurs ruled the land. That was a tough choice. I feel a great one. Choices propel us forward, like sharks if we stop moving we’ll drown.

In the pre-dawn morning I stood in the main terminal of LaGuardia Airport in New York City. My flight back to Colorado was departing soon. I had just helped drive a moving van across country ending in Dalton’s new life in Brooklyn.

There were a lot of tough choices to get us to this point. Some bad, some good, but the culmination of all these choices after four years together he was starting his life in New York.

In a way, that morning was the end of choices. We rode to the airport in calm silence. We watched the dark buildings of the strange city that would change what meant to be Dalton and Steve speed pass on the highway. The crushing crowd at the airport seemed to be move in slow motion. If only we had more time in our relationship…. Seconds ticked by…. Dalton and Steven as a couple where moments away from evaporating… I flashed to the smile on his face when he finally pulled his head out of his notebook at that coffee shop in Dallas. If we only had more time.

We hugged and he turned quickly. He disappeared into the crowd.

Five years have passed since that day and I wouldn’t change anything on the path since. Our bond is stronger today then even back then. We knew even on that day that we really would be connected forever. Yet choices had to be made to keep moving forward.

Our decisions define us; the tough choices define our character.


Pac said...

You can be a shark. I'll be a sea cucumber... sharks' natural enemy, uninclined toward continuing education and unlikely to ever drown.

I admire how your writing always evokes the emotion I expect you to have been feeling at that point in time. That said, I'm looking forward to the topics lightening up as the week goes on. Or not. :)

Dale W. said...

A very tough, bittersweet choice, Stevie. Very brave choices by the pair of you. You both have my respect.

Wonder Man said...

I agree with Dale W