Thursday, October 28, 2010


I had to stay home yesterday because of a cold. When I’m at home in my sweat pants and with the dog laying half on top of me it always hits me, I never spend days at home.

When the weekend comes I always have somewhere to go, some sort of event or chore to tackle. Even during the week and there’s no one to hang out with, I’m out and downtown trying to find some sort of trouble. This is why yesterday, sitting in the bed watching a eight hour Ghost Hunters marathon / Golden Girls marathon with occasional breaks to watch the sleeping dog’s stomach raise and fall it hit me, I am not the sit at home kind of guy.

I found myself driving around our provincial village heading to buy…….. uh….. stamps, maybe. The cold medicine had its toll on me. I did end up in the Soviet Safeway’s parking lot, eating Oreos and a breakfast burrito, washing it down with a liter of Coke Zero. Just sitting there….. watching the unemployable go in and out of the local rundown Safeway. “Gawd, there so…. Belch” I said popping another Oreo into my mouth dropping crumbs on to the bright orange beach towel I wrapped around me so I wouldn’t get Oreo/burrito bits on the upholstery.

I believe I’m much better now.


Dead Robot said...

I love the meta judge while judge yourself while we judge you kind of thing.

DW. said...

Just you stop and take care of yourself for a bit.

Wonder Man said...

Maybe one day of rest ain't bad

Randy P. said...

Hope you are feeling better today! you could stay in a day and watch my belly rise and fall!

Pac said...

Eat your soup!

Blobby said...

Oreos, burrito, Coke a parking lot.

I'm sorry - WHERE is the dignity?

cb said...

You and I are opposites.

While I also have events and trouble and people to hang with, I always wish I was at home on the couch.

I crave my "downtime" and if I don't get it, I become a real bear. Not the good kind.