Thursday, October 7, 2010


I’ve made it through the scruffiness; somehow I made it throo-ooo-ooo.

I think I might actually be on the road to growing a real, descent beard. And after a week of wanting to scratch my face off, it’s beginning to not kill me. I am bordering on looking like a homeless dude, sans the aluminum hat. But, if I remember to shower everyday they should let me into the local gay coffee shop.

I’ve been using the IPhone application called Lose It. A calorie counter and food diary rolled into a cool phone app. I can look like I’m totally checking in on my BFF using Facebook, when in fact I’m checking to see how many calories there are in a Moon Pie. There’s three-hundred.

Using this program I’m officially down twenty-three pounds. I KNOW! That means I’m five pounds away from my Big Muscle Bear profile weight. Part of this program gives you a report to help you track your food consumption and their calories. I love this, I can be iPhone techy nerd and lose tonnage. I thought I’d share with you my top foods in order of consumption:

Vegetarian Meat, burger, Garden Veggie Patties  23 servings
Salad Dressing, Caesar,  22servings
Salad, Field Greens 21servings
Bagel Thins 13servings
Butter, salted 10servings
Thai Kitchen 7servings
Tortillas Carb Lite 7servings
Nuts, almonds, whole 7servings
Apples, fresh, med  7servings
Sour Cream, light 7servings
Chicken 6 servings
Cereal, Special K 6 servings
Milk, 2%, 6 servings
Bread, wheat 4 servings
Pretzels, hard, chocolate coated 4 servings
Salsa, Tomato 4 servings
Tortilla, Flour, Burrito 3 servings
Frozen Dessert, Mocha Chill 3 servings
Turkey Bacon 3 servings
Cheese 3 servings
Pizza, Pepperoni Lover's 2 servings
Chicken, Sesame 2 servings
Taco, Fresco, Soft 2 servings

In the last 4 weeks I’ve eaten 23 veggie burgers and 21 servings of salad.  Criminy! No wonder I’m always so light headed. Last of the list? Taco Bell.


Randy P. said...

I lost 25 lbs last year using "Lose it" love how you ad in your exercise and then get to eat a bowl of air popped pop corn at night. Need to get back on the wagon with it though.

Patrick said...

That's impressive! Down 23 lbs with butter still in the top 5. Screw Jenny Craig for Men, I wanna try YOUR diet plan Stevie!

Steven said...

What I didn't add was the 800 calories I burn at the gym before eathing all that butter.

cb said...

Damn-- bearded AND losing weight?

I'm so gonna need to get my fat ass in gear!

Patrick said...

In total calories, that's not a lot of butter over the time period you're talking about. And it tastes a lot better than the "I can't believe it's not crap" stuff I use. :) You're obviously doing something right Stevie, good work.

Scooter said...

Congrats !! ... I really need to drop about 10 myself ...

Michael Rivers said...

Congrats! I'll have to check to see if that app is available for the Droid. I don't look good in too much facial hair. A 2-3 day scruff looks fine, but then I need to shave. Guess I'm too pure looking. LOL. When do we get to see a full face shot?

Moby said...

Wahoooo! Congrats.

Wonder Man said...

Wow, show us pics