Friday, April 29, 2011


Favorite Place to Eat.

If you hang around me, soon enough I’ll drag you do a diner that has a pancake as a logo. My favorite place is a regional institution called The Village Inn; my favorite location is just of I-25 and Colorado Blvd. If I need to think something through this is where I go. If I’m pissed off at the world and need to drown my troubles in maple syrup this is the restaurant. I spend hours trying to figure out my life sitting in the bright orange booths. My record was going through three new wait staff, two orders of pancakes followed by chocolate pie.

Duly impressed with other bloggers* taking up the writing challenge, I have decided to take the blog writing challenge. See all sixty-four challenges here. This was question Fourteen.


Pac said...

You drown your troubles in maple syrup? And here I've been using Molson. But it has a maple leaf on the bottle.

erik said...

I suddenly desire a pecan waffle...