Thursday, April 28, 2011


Something you’re looking forward to...

As I wrote about my dream house it began to stir in me how great it would be to live back in the city. Although, riding my bike past open fields of grazing cows and the hot farmers on their tractors is great. From the front porch you can watch storms rise up over the Rocky Mountains and roll down over the front range of Colorado. The hot spot in our tiny farming town other then the eight Mexican restaurants is the Dairy Queen (DQ) this is also the best place to rendezvous with the aforementioned farmers.

Even with all this country living that I love I’m beginning to look forward to moving back to the bright lights, big city. Although I think I’ll miss DQ, I think I’m ready for a ten minute commute and a dry cleaner. Not to mention that garage. A much bigger garage.

Duly impressed with other bloggers* taking up the writing challenge, I have decided to take the blog writing challenge. See all sixty-four challenges here. This was question thirteen.

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Wonder Man said...

but how could you give up DQ