Saturday, April 2, 2011

Late '90s Sodomite Style

Over the years we've given all of our old furniture to the single Mom next door. Today she's moving out and I have to say it's strange to see all of our old stuff on the lawn. "Ooooh! Remember the blonde Armoire? And the Ansel Adams prints. How many silk ficus trees did we own?"

Turns out her entire house was decorated in '90s homosexual.


Jim said...

Interesting post. It would be weird to see your things from your life move on through someone else.

Pac said...

What a coincidence. I plan on redoing my living room in 90's Sodomite. Just as soon as I complete the look on my 40's deco-borello bedroom.

Damien Oz said...

"Late 90's Sodomite Style"

I do love your post titles :)

keep em coming mate.

Wonder Man said...

you should take pics of this stuff

Blobby said...

Thank g-d, it wasn't late '80s. You'd be seeing the big plumes and the wicker baskets they sat in, which would have graced your bathroom.

Bullet dodged!