Tuesday, April 5, 2011


Insomnia strikes again. Great, and this time it came for no real reason. Sunday morning I went for a run Über early, even as I ran I could see a cold front poring over the mountains. By noon the sun had turned to snow here in the Rocky Mountains. I quickly realized that breaking out the cargo shorts was a bad Idea waiting in line for lunch with BFFs Carl and Will at our local vegetarian restaurant. So after freezing in the spring snow I was in bed and watching movies by 4PM.

I realized around midnight that I was in trouble; too late to take an Ambien I got up and tried to get the TV to induce sleep, it didn’t work. But the kitchen is spotless. Drifting off at 3AM to wake at 5AM is not fun let me tell you. Although, all I did at 5AM was call the boss and tell her I was dead, grab the dog and head back to the 500 thread count bliss. For about three hours.

I found myself pumped full of energy by mid-morning with a day off, a clean kitchen and nothing to do. Gym, Tan, Laundry minus the tan part, because that’s just creepy. Then I did a major amount of research into “suit porn” for academic reasons. In a returning sleep haze I then went online to http://www.slickitup.com/ * and other….. “clothing” websites. This might be when I looked down and saw my credit card in my hand that I realized I was sleep shopping.

The rest of the day was up and down from madly detailing my car to somewhat sleeping all the time wishing my brain would just leave me alone. Around midnight last night I finally drifted off to Steve-slumberland.

This morning I’m back amongst the living, with an immaculately clean car, sore abs from pushing too hard at the gym and two weeks of monitoring my credit card to ensure there aren’t any more surprises.

* I canceled the orders this morning. So don’t ask. Two words: Viper Suit.
   But a thanks goes out to the bud who turned me on to this site.


Dale W. said...

You. Viper suit.



Homer said...

Oh, the Viper Suit is so 2010 anyways.

Blobby said...

The Viper Suit! LOL.

You just can't purchase that your first time out. You gotta earn that! :)

Jim said...

SO you kept the Candy Sling?

Take your ambien just as you're getting into bed.

Wonder Man said...

The Viper Suit! OMG, Stevie!