Sunday, November 11, 2007

All I Want is a Room Somewhere

The lease is up on our apartment at the end on February. I'm getting some flack from friends because I've started to pack up the house. I think it makes sense to pack up all the crap you're not using and get it ready so you can keep it out of the way, but I'm crazy like that. Today's blog post; however, about trying to finding an apartment.  I think I'd rather be flogged on a 17th century sailing vessel then look for an apartment. 

I found some really cool listings on-line in the Denver central area, but find that they're with the same rental company. I go to their office and meet Nathan, a nice guy who shows me some cool places I might select. I go back to he's office and fill out the application. Now keep in mind that I'm in HR so I know about the slow process on considering an application. As soon as I drop is off that little voice starts. There sooo gonna turn your down, They are going to ask for $7000 dollars up front, what are ya thinking and my favorite do really want this apartment?

I guess it's the whole approval thing, it sucks. Nathen states he'll call me and let me know on Monday, Then all day Monday.... Nothing, I start to REALLY worry, (like I'm his whore waiting for the next time he can get away from he's wife.) I call and leave a voice mail. Nothing. So later on Tuesday he calls. "Oh yeah, Steve your fine" like I'm his bitch waiting for him to tell me he loves me. Aaaaaaaagh!! So then he gives me to Trisha, I really don't know why other then he's tired of me, who will find a time for me to see the really cool pad over on Speer Blvd. "Let me check with the resident and I'll call you back to schedule a time." That was Wednesday of last week. Now I'm Trisha's whore. I'm jumping at my phone when It rings hoping It's Trisha telling me she loves me.

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