Friday, November 16, 2007


I have to admit that I’ve been involved in an affair. This relationship has perplexed me for quite awhile. Not really knowing where I stood, I spent my Lunches trying to figure it out for a month now. My courtship with the Quiznos Subs lady started as soon as they opend the Quiznos next to my gym. Hoping to lose some weight for the next gay cruise I’ve been trying to lose some of my belly. I’m kind of muscly but you can’t really see it under my layer of insulation. I’m also a creature of habit and have been eating Cobb salads with Honey mustard several times a week. I’m now down 10 pounds.
I step up to the glass and order the same thing every other day. “Cobb to go with honey mustard.” I’ve been giving this request to my Quisnos lady, some days she has a look of appreciative sympathy. She greets me kindly, rings me up tell me to have a great day. Other days I’m a new person on a new day, unfamiliar and alien.
Today was out of the ordinary, she asked three times what I was having, four times if it was to go. Then could not remember how to ring me up. She then stopped and told me that she no longer had a short term memory “due to my age” she said to explain. My first thought was if she remembered the blue cheese on my salad. Then upset with myself for never even noticing that my Quiznos lady had to be in her early 70s. This chain of thought was interrupted however by her placing of the third of four drink cups into my hand. So this is why she’s been so hot and cold in our relationship. It all made since in that moment. I quickly told her that she was fine and not to worry about it. She smiled at me like I wish if I had a mother or grandmother they would look at me. Just as she turned to toss my credit card into the box with my salad.

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