Monday, November 19, 2007


We went to lunch yesterday at Subway. As we waited in line we realized that there were two Subway associates working, an under aged pregnant girl and a skateboard dude from "regular lahunga beach." Dude, dude. Dude. The wait was long, very long. When I got to the glass my sandwich was a lot for dude to comprehend. Suddenly roast beef was missing, Dude asked Pregos “Uhh where’s the beef?” Okay so anyone over the age of 35 would of laughed. Where’s the beef?
Get it? So I laughed, Dude didn’t get it, he’s 12. Pregos replied “In the cooler” in a you Idiot kind of inflection. He walks into the cooler and is gone for a while. My stomach growls.Time passes, my laptop's OS gets more out dated. He comes out, “where is the Beef?” I laugh again. Pregos says “ up on the left” the door to the freezer closes. A while passes finally Pregos goes and opens the cooler door. Dude is standing in the middle of the cooler just staring into space. Let’s just say it took awhile to get my damn beef sandwich.

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