Tuesday, November 13, 2007

My ipod on a treadmill, Vanessa Williams and a Katana

I have found that I'm addicted to my ipod; yea the music side of things is fine. It's the TV shows. I began looking forward to doing the treadmill at the gym just to watch shows that I've down loaded from itunes. I run out to my Jeep at lunch just to watch shows on my little 3" by 3" screen. The worst is thank to Jerrod. He got me hooked on a show called Ugly Betty. 
Now I hate "broadcast stuff." I have not listened to FM radio since Sept. 12th 2001. I hate Broadcast TV, with its reality shows. Of course this does not include the news, Dalton and Carl busted me one day having 2 TVs on to CNN and NBC and walking back and forth just in case I missed something. 
Back to Ugly Betty. Have you seen this, It's fucking cute. I of course always missed it on the tube, with all its commercials and set time to make you watch when it wants you to, but I found it on itunes. I spent the 15 bucks and down loaded it to my sexy Macbook and to my ipod. This is things get scary, ME wanting to run on a treadmill?? I would never before this ipod thing just because the treadmills didn't have ashtrays. So here's when I knew I had a problem, besides wanting to keep running even after the timer runs down on the bastardized version of the Jetson's dog walker just to see if Betty keeps the Gucci bag or trades it for a huge favor to be determined later, it's because I had a night mare. 
So in this nightmare, I'm being chased by Vanessa Williams AKA Wilhelmina Slater through the streets of NY. Yeah she has that Lesbian from the Bravo show Workout to help her, but that's another download. So she's chasing me, probably for my wicked fashion sense, which we all know is a dream state (I'm always really built in my dreams.) So we do Battle for a while, that woman can fight by the way. She had a lot of ninja moves like in the House of Fling Daggers, but with an "I just got my booted from a 1983 pageant" kind of anger but in a Vera Wang suit. So I think my ninja skills were equally matched, I do remember there was a part of a "Bruce Willis" hot wiring a car to stop Vanessa from some horrible take over of NY scene. That were right in the middle of the big final fight scene were I wake up. Damn!!! Damn!!! I almost chopped off the head of the evil Vanessa Williams with a Katana and now you want me to get up and go to work as a mild mannered office worker?? Are ya fucking kidding me? So if ya see her, tell her I'm looking for her, and she'll pay. Pay dearly.

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