Monday, November 12, 2007


We were hanging out over at Frank and Kevin’s house last night to watch American Idol, which I hate. But I’m a lemming, so there. We were talking about on-line sites and how much I enjoy the on-line porn. I enjoy on-line porn like other guys like football, I plan my weekend around it and I could sit around and watch it for hours.
Anyway I had mentioned that I went on to a certain bear web site designed for cruising and hooking up. So I signed up or in, or what the hell-ever (all the rest of them are on this certain bear site.) I entered all the info they requested and submitted a pic or two. I then waited for the confirmation saying that I can start trolling for colon. It doesn't come. The next day I get an official E mail from this bear site saying that I'm turned down. Yeah, turned down. It read something like I might fit better at a gay / muscle site. Then they listed a few gay muscle sites. Ummmm WHAT?? Sooooooooo lets just stop there, shall we. I don’t want for this to come off wrong, Okay.
I was turned down by a bear on bear fuck feast web site Iike I was applying for a home loan?!
Ummmmmmmmm what?
Yeah, me. I can shove my finger up a hairy guys ass and find the "G spot" in about 3 seconds.
I have 18 biceps.
I drive a full size truck.
I have Chaps DAMN IT!
Suddenly I'm all hurt that I'm not one of the cool kids. Turned down by a gay overweight fuzzy male web site?
Do I care?
Okay, not really but it was kind of funny.
The best part was when I told this story last night; someone thought I was making it up. So I'm not bear. GRRRRR.
Not enough anyway, should I buy flannel?
I did watch Star Trek when it was on.

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Fearsome Beard said...

And Bears are supposed to be open, welcoming and non-clickish. They are even worse this many years later. I'll gladly welcome you to my club, whatever it is.