Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Dalton , Neil and Ernie

There really is something about the last day of work before Thanksgiving. Dalton flies in from NY tomorrow. I’m down playing this tremendously from Fuzzy the boyfriend. Dalton is my ex but, he really is an amazing friend. I don’t really know if constantly talking about how fucking cool your ex is to your current boyfriend is that healthy. I try not to giggle when I think of cool things Dalton and I did that Fuzz I have not as of yet.

So, I see Dalton tomorrow, wow. Giggle. It would take way to long to decipher why Dalton and I aren’t together. Mostly it has to do with me being a jerk and since this is my blog I’m not going into it. If you want the truth go read Dalton ’s blog. He doesn’t have one but if he did I’m sure it would be mostly about me. Or not. I’m sure it would have nothing to do with the great life he has in Brooklyn .

So Turkey day is just two days away, Every year I get up and watch the thanksgiving day parade. When I was a kid I dreamed of being there in Harold’s square. Now that I’ve been outside of Macy’s and have seen the square. Not so much. The best part of the parade last year was Doogie Howser or Neil Patrick Harris being a HUGE QUEEN out on the street. Girl was freezing and bitter’ bout it. Did this happen when I was a kid and never noticed, I hope not. Although I do remember Ernie and Bert walking hand in hand though Harold’s Square and wishing it was me holding Ernie's hand.

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