Thursday, November 15, 2007

Fudge covered conservative ISO unicorn lover

Have you heard the one about the gay prostitute that took down the right wing preacher Ted Haggard by outing him as a fudge packer? Then he wrote a book about it. Yes. I believe that Mike Jones did the right thing due to Ted the preacher fostering a culture of anti-gay hate and fictitious family values, and yet he was going behind his wife to pound a guy in heated fudge butt smacking. So good for Mike the gay prostitute for coming forward. Anyway, Fuzzy and I are behind Mike (sorry, no pun) in line at Das Bog this morning. He's big muscled, great arms not that I like that on a man but I would bend him over in a second. Soooo he gets to the counter and he opens his mouth to order and this huge gold lamee purse falls out, glitter and unicorns flew everywhere. Fuckity, fuck fuck!! Can we please have a gay in the news that doesn't sound like Carol Channing? Even if he does look like Colt’s Gage? I you haven’t seen Gage, check him out. I love that I have Gage from Colt is on my MySpace friends list.

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