Thursday, October 30, 2008

Car History

Cars I’ve owned order since I hit puberty:

68 Ford, Mustang
83 Toyota, Supra
85 Nissan, Truck
87 Toyota, 4runner
91 GMC, Sierra
00 Jeep, Cherokee
01 Ram, Truck
01 Jeep, Wrangler

This year I’ve grown up a lot. By this I mean I’ve had to fill up a Jeep for a 90 mile daily commute. That, and I’m at the point in my life where I want to be pampered. Is it so wrong to want power windows and a sun roof? Knowing that I’m giving up driving around and around Chessman with the top off so everyone can see my chiseled chest. Uh…let’s forget I said that last part, OK? Anyway…..
Now I’m thinking about getting the next great Stevie-mobile. So, being a huge (some may argue literally or just fugitively) gay guy I wanted to see what the Moes are driving, so I Googled.

I think I’m a 9. By that I mean the number nine, the Ford Flex.
I smell a road trip!

Or there's the Dodge Challenger, I do consider myself a Mopar man.

Now that would be cool driving around a gay park with my shirt off. At 17MPG. Great. Gee, what a surprise, there is no Taurus SHO written in any gay or for that matter any hip article anywhere. Surprised?

How about a Lincoln MKZ? At 32K.

I do like the Dodge Charger. It’s what the cops drive in these parts and that makes me rock hard. Seriously, and sadly every time I see one I get close to shooting. This may be odd, on my daily commute.

Well, I guess I’ll keep thinking about this.


Anonymous said...

I really do see you as more of a Toyota Prius/Honda Civic/Nissan Sentra kinda guy. Imaginie how huge your pecs would look in a tiny little car..fc

Dead Robot said...

A Citroen! You could totally change your look to something more European!

StevieB said...

The C5 is very cool.

The nearest dealership is in Panama. Road Trip!

Kezza said...

There is no way that I'm going to be able to convince you to go for a Pontiac G8 is there? I'm serious, if seeing charger makes you rock hard, wait until you drive a G8 GT along a winding mountain pass. You'll have a hardon for a week! Of course if you want something mega tough go for the G8 ST, sounds nuts, goes hard and plenty of room for cargo (or to fuck) in the back!

Freddyeyes said...

I want a new car! I can't advise on manly or even gay. You called my wanna be suv a soccer mom car. Plus my dream car is a VW van! Hippy'd out!

Anonymous said...

Do you remember when you could buy a mid-sized car for less than 20K?
That wasnt - that - long ago.
The Ford Flex is interesting but I think those guys admiring your pecs as you cruise around will be looking for the car seats in the back. I vote Challenger or Ford Mustang.

Mike said...

You will need two cars my friend, A Mustang GT for the Summer and We can find you a hard top for the Jeep to keep warm this winter. Besides you know a great Jeep Tech ;).