Monday, October 13, 2008

Day off after Dixie

God bless Columbus. Yeah, he was a total Bastard,taking all that gold from Sigourney Weaver and all. But, I get today off. After seeing Dixie Longate's show in Des Miones, meeting super cute, and super Blogger Michael I need a day off. The show was amazing of course and we bought 90 bucks of plastic crap. I can't wait for the Tupperware can opener to arrive. We're now on route to pick up the Shar-pei from Grandma's house. I'm sure he had fun, he likes to terrorize Grandma's fluff ball.

Well, happy Columbus day. Maybe you should go impose your will on someone weaker than you. Than just to celebrate, give them a dozen diseases. I gave the Starbucks gay my cold already. Yippy!


Michael said...

God I wish I had the day off...but then I only had a 5 hour trip versus your 12 hours! Glad that we got a chance to meet, I had a blast!!!!!

So are ya'll driving to Chicago when Dixie comes next March?

Anonymous said...

Oh my ass is on fire! It was a great weekend but if I never sit in another minivan, I'm ok with that.

BTW, you're quite the giver passing along your diseases to the barista.

Anonymous said...

What an Adventure that was.
I actually didnt mind being in the back of the bus. I could see what you all were upto. I had so much fun...Dixie was the show, FC KG SB FP CN WV are the entertainment.
Luv SC

Anonymous said...
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