Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Another trip to the grocery store with StevieB. I do have some questions about some exciting items I found along the way.

Was Spam so inconvenient with its pull top and its never-ending shelf life that they decided to come up with a “take-a-long” version? “Oh, I love to go with you. But, I just opened up some Spam. Sorry.” Maybe it was all the time it took to dislodge the meat like substance from its tin home.

Did the world need Batter Blaster? Besides, they totally stole the nick-name for my man meat. Pancakes take too long so let’s make a CFC free propelled rocket to shoot out the batter.

If we ever get married, I’m going to give this out instead of rice.

RUN FUZZY!!! It’s more pork loin!!!!


Gooster said...

The attack of the pork loin makes me laugh every time!

Kezza said...

Single serve spam, batter blaster... are you kidding me? Does fresh produce even exist in the US anymore? Are people aware it takes all of 30 seconds to whip up a batch of pancakes that taste just as good and contain about a quarter of the sugar?

That seals the deal for me. I'm staying put over here where bacon is still a breakfast food and isn't coated in chocolate, and burgers are served on breadrolls, not Krisy Kremes. Enjoy your heart attack America.

Freddyeyes said...

ok the Batter Blaster Mike had totally sent to me before I have never tried it but that's hilarious and he in fact mentioned Batter Blasting last night... though it had little to do with the food item other than the name in common.


Dead Robot said...

I love how everything STILL comes in a can in the US. Can I get "5 Years Of Bitter Marriage" in a can?