Tuesday, October 21, 2008


Going to the mailbox I found it jammed full of happy little reminders why Democracy does not work. Remember when AOL jammed about 50 of their start up disks in your mail slot? Back when I was wearing Gap flat fronts. I literally had 67 pieces of mail from every candidate and freakish cause jammed in my box. Mark Udall’s (D) slick copy with his grinning face, and then his opponent Bob Shafer (R) grinning back stating “No he’ll kill us all! Vote for me!”
The best was a letter and add from the ROCKY MOUNTAIN GUN OWNERS. Boy, did they miss their mark. The letter read:
“Dear friend, are you sitting down? What I have to say might shock you…..Your right to self-defense is under a withering attack from your State Representative, Mary Hodge. She consistently puts the rights of criminals ahead of the right of our citizens. “
This continues for about two pages stating that Robert Hadfield (her opponent) loves guns and Jesus.
Now this is normal fear mongering that the Democrats will take your guns lying crap. But, in the same stack heading for the dumpster was another mailer from the “Gun swingers.”

Now, do we need to have a ski mask wearing, gun pointing, black man in the mail? This is way past disgusting. This is the most charged, fearful, hate mongering I’ve seen. This states that if you vote for Mary Hodge, black men will come into your house and KILL YOU.
The joke is on them. I would love for a black man to come to my house. I also went to Mary Hodge for Colorado State Senate website. Yeah, she’s adorable. That and every aspect of her manifesto I completely agree upon. Nowhere can I find anything about her wanting to kill everyone, take their guns to meltdown into an effigy to satan.


Anonymous said...

OMG! I love a good effigy to Satan. I'll bring dip to the unveiling party. fc

Dead Robot said...

Wait... Gap flat fronts are passe?

Old grandma Democrats threaten the fear control that Republicans so fretfully try to create.

Kezza said...

I'm so not getting involved in this one, mainly becuse every time I scroll up the page there is someone pointing a gun at me.

Anyway the reason I'm here is to let you know I got a little something waiting over at my blog for you to pick up.

You're welcome!

Freddyeyes said...

could you stop that man from pointing the gun please? thanks!