Tuesday, October 7, 2008

From Ka to SHO

As you well know, the Paris Auto show going on this week. It appears the concept cars are going into two different directions, Horse power or fuel economy.
The Lamborghini Estoque concept car would be Lamborghini's third model along with the Gallardo and the Murcielago Uber sports cars. Grab your friends its road trip time in the Estoque, a four door. This is a grocery getter that gets 16 miles a gallon for about $175,000. On the opposite end of the spectrum, the diesel-powered Ford Focus gets 55 miles a gallon, and is very cute as Focusususezz go. Now I don’t admit this to my Dodge Ram driving partner, but I have a fondness for Ford. Yes, Mr. Ford was an Anti-Semitic mass-transit killing Bastard, may he burn in Hell. But, my first car was a 68' Mustang and my love grew from there.
Ford premiered a new version of the Ka at the Paris Motor Show. It will be launched in major European markets by early 2009. The Ka is smaller than the Focus, which currently is Ford's only American compact car. Focus sales are up 24 percent and they are in the process of killing a lot of the SUV and truck production to switch over to more Focus’ and launching the Ka in America.

On the other end of Fords lineup, there's a lot of talk about a closely guarded secret. The comeback of the SHO. Just like you, I have been bummed since Ford killed the Taurus SHO in 1999. Nothing filled the void left by this V8 monster, made by Yamaha. I was excited when the Taurus message boards started buzzing about the 2010 Taurus SHO.
You can read more at: http://www.bringbackthesho.com/phpnuke/index.php

But will Ford build it? Who knows, I’d buy it. And, after all of my friends stopped laughing that I bought a Taurus, I’d take them for a drive with 0-60 in 4.0
Speaking of me and Ford Taurus. Here's a pic from our last trip to Dallas:


Michael said...

I have a lovely Ford Focus named Sassy that's driving to Des Moines this weekend!!!!

Kezza said...

Fords, really... Fords????? I used to like you Stevie, I really did, but now I aint so sure. Do yourself a favour, go and test drive a Commodore SS (or as you guys call it a Pontiac G8 GT) and tell me that it doesn't simply ooze testosterone and give you the biggest hardon ever!!! You'll soon forget all about your girly little Taurus.

StevieB said...

SHO against Pontiac GT any day. To bad your on the other side of the world. We'd have fun.

Gooster said...

Work it! I don't know what is better, the fact that you posed on the hood of a car, or that you convinced someone to take your picture posing on the hood of a car! LOL!

Kezza said...

Stevie... I had no idea a diet of dust was so good for you, but if you persist in singing the praises of the SHO thats obviously what you're eating a lot of. But thats okay, we can't all be right and people like you exist to make people like me look shit-hot, so thanks! Heh heh heh.

Freddyeyes said...

i jut like when you say them together ....


in a sentence : This is the time for the Paris Ka-SHO!


Anonymous said...

Uh, bless you?