Friday, October 3, 2008


Next Friday we’re off to Des Moines, Iowa to see Dixie Longate. I’ve been reading up on gay Des Moines: the center of the Heartland. I wanted to get ready for all the clubs and hot spots. The top of the list is BLAZING SADDLE, a leather/levis bar. Friday the 10th is “Martini Madness.” Then there’s IMPULSE formerly known as The Frathouse. “Where the techno music draws you in” Wow, This would the best place to wear my new Express for men shiny, semi-sheer shirt.

We’re staying at the Historical Hotel Fort Des Moines. This is where guests such as Richard Nixon, and Mae West stayed. Most likely not together, although Mae West was a huge fag hag and Nixon was a closeted gay. The hotel is centrally located so we can walk to Dixie’s show and to other great down town attractions. Since we’ll be completing a 10 hour minivan trip with 6 fags, we’ll need to wander around. A great part of the whole road trip is that we’ll get to meet Michael Lehet from the blog, Are You Sure You Want To Know. Who foolishly agreed to come see Dixie Longate. There’s nothing better than when gay bloggers meet. There is still time, hit me up if ya want to join us.


Gooster said...

I want to see a pic of you in the Shiny Blue Shirt from Express For Men!

Michael said...

I'm looking forward to next weekend too. I hope we don't destroy Des Moines!