Wednesday, November 28, 2007


I survived Thanksgiving. That is an accomplishment in it’s own right. The fact that I went the whole week and not once had to see or interact with a single member of my family is truly a blessing. Its not that I hate my kin folk. It’s just a painful experience every time. Suddenly I’m completely invisible. It’s the whole “avoid talking to or about the queer thing.”
The last time I went to a family gathering a sister went out of her way to introduce me to other guests in fear I would say, “Hi there, I fuck man ass.” She then introduced my partner as my “friend” I have a lot of friends none of which do I rim.
When people go out of their way to make sure you know that speaking about who you are will not be tolerated that’s when I’m ready to decline the next invite. That or show up with a black trannie on my arm.

Here's a pic of us hanging out at Thanksgiving

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Gooster said...

My friends don't let me rim them either. But they sure like sucking on my balls. Silly boys.