Monday, February 20, 2012

Corvette Gets Married

You get to a point in your life where have seen your high school friends get married, have families, and pretty much just grow up.

I understand that my situation was atypical for my generation, openly dating my first boyfriend during my senior year of high school after dating other boys in school.  Today it seems that it is just part of everyday high school life. Your first love, however is universal. The person you waited for after class, eating in the lunchroom together, making out in the student parking lot before school.  The horribly written love poems where I tried to compare his beauty to Pete Burns. You never forget your first love. But, you graduate, grow up, and somehow stop writing horribly written love poems.

I believe it would be cathartic for anyone to watch a high school sweetheart get married. To see them amazingly happy on the day designed to celebrate finding the love they sought. Your high school love is the person who first broke your heart, or you theirs,  yet taught you that broken hearts helped you grow up into who you are now.

I believe it a little strange; however, when your high school sweetheart’s marriage ceremony shows ups on the gay society column of, a premier gay news blog.

View the link and video here:

And before you ask… yes, his name is Corvette. In the video he was in the blue tux… and…the red dress.

Yes. It is cathartic to watch your high school sweet heart get married. It reminds me of the kid I was in high school. The type of unguarded and immature love we have in our high school years. Maybe I should go write some horrible love poems.  


Pac said...

All the horrible love poetry I write is limited to 160 characters or less and sometimes takes the form of a limerick or haiku. But most often it's a rambling free verse I don't remember sending the next morning.

NJA said...

Everyone loves horrible love poems.

Wonder Man said...

Corvette was also the name of one of the Mary Jane Girls

MileHighGayGuy said...

Wow. This post really hits close to home and makes me feel feelings. Stop playing with my heart, StevieB!