Friday, February 10, 2012

Justin Utley

Have you heard Justin Utley?

Justin Utley
From his mission travels for the Mormon Church, Justin spent years involved in the Church's same sex attraction reprogramming or “conversion” therapy program. During this time, his life was as a Mormon singer and songwriter, touring America singing to mostly religious and faith-based audiences.

Considering my own struggles with the Mormon Church I was amazed and excited to read Justin’s journey. Justin became an activist for civil rights and for GLBT equality. He began to speak out against the Mormon use of "conversion therapy" as he toured America again, this time as a role model for anyone struggling with the Church and spreading the truth about the sham therapies that faith based religious groups dispense.

I first experienced this hunky, muscled performer at Denver’s Pridefest and have been a fan ever since. Check out his website for tour dates and links to buy his albums, like his new one Nothing This Real. He is also on Facebook.  
Justin Utley on Facebook


Sean said...

I won his CD (an actually CD), Nothing This Real, from Marc at Deep Dish and I have enjoyed it. He's so cute too! Thanks for the background into, I had no idea.

BosGuy said...

He is definitely dreamy looking although his life story sounds more like a nightmare. Glad the tides have changed and he's on his way to a "happily ever after".

cb said...

wow, the mormon's sure know how to grow 'em HOT!