Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Escape to Beaver Mountain

Hi there, what’s been happening?

I didn’t realize it had been so long since my last blog post. After school ended I just went into non-think mode. In case you were following along at home I got a “B” in my Philosophy class. Taking my long held 4.0 down to 3.8. I’m okay with this, because at least I tried. That big ol’ Queen of philosophy, David Hume would be proud. If he felt I existed which I don’t according to him, but I digress. So did my 4.0.

Hey! Did you hear that fellow blogger and all around funny person Patrick came to visit me? I can’t really remember when Patrick and I started chatting. I think we first started to bond (as all good girlfriends do) over a weight-loss program for the iPhone, Lose-it. It was that or my constant blogging about Puma running shoes. 

For the record, my love of running shoes is not a fetish, I just like running shoes the way Viktor likes Louis Vuitton. Long story short, we started texting. Thus began one continuous conversation since... Apple released that iPhone 4 with the non-functional antenna.

Patrick uses his iPad to locate Beaver Mountain
on our hike in Rocky Mountain National Park

The strange part was finally meeting a close friend, one who you share everything with, face to face. The strange part was that it wasn’t strange. He summoned me to his boutique hotel, and I walked in to his room as if we have hung out a countless number of times. The conversation flowed.  A funny and warm conversation that only comes from friends that have truly bonded. A conversation that didn’t end until we had to say good bye. Then we just started texting again. 

The weekend went so well we decided to plan another get-together. Well... to buy $1,300 gym bags together anyway. 


Erik Rubright said...

Beaver Mountain. I think I'm scared of that nomenclature.

Pac said...
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Pac said...

I'm glad you didn't show the next pic, where that nice elderly couple is making fun of me and my iPad.

Blobby said...

There might be escaping TO Beaver Mountain, but there is not escaping FROM it.

Those things have teeth. ....and I'm not talking about the beavers that make dams.

viktor kerney said...

I do love my LVs

viktor kerney said...

you should come to LA