Thursday, December 3, 2009


What’s a Metroplex? Out of the blue a co-worker came to my clubhouse of a cubical and asked. Well…trying to remember my Texas past. A Metroplex is the name coined for Dallas and Fort Worth, Texas to describe the scope and vastness of the metropolitan area. It’s now used for other huge cites where other cites and suburbs have merged into one area.

The remainder of the day I sat homesick for Texas. Weird. I couldn’t wait to move away from the Lone Star State and here I was “homesick.” Maybe it started a couple of days ago when Dalton and I were at a restaurant and the table next to us was talking about their home town of Beaumont, Texas. Just up the road from Dalton’s Port Arthur home town. Maybe it has more to do with my recent addiction to season seven of Dallas the TV show. Probably.

No matter why, today I’d give anything to be standing on Cedar Springs or Montrose avenue. Just saying.


Geoff said...

Isn't it amazing how those feelings (of being homesick) can come rushing back and be so intense? I've had the same thing lately....must be the holidays.

Wonder Man said...

I get like that about my hometown in Union City, Tennessee

Damien Oz said...

Need a hug..............?

Stands with arms outstretched.