Tuesday, July 29, 2008

BMB Conundrum

That big muscle guy from Sell This House hit me up on Big Muscle Bear. Apparently he was going to be in town and was inquiring about the best gay gym in Denver. I just started to weep openly, how can I admit that Denver has no frickin gay gym. It’s like admitting that you have never watched Steal Magnolias, or have never been a gay cruise.
I watched in slow motion the death throes of Broadway Bodyworks, the bestest gay gym in the world. Sad to see the muscle-heads running in circles “where do I go to lift heavy things?” As I approached the Tax notice on the front door I remember yelling,
“Stevie Mad, Stevie Smash!!”
I’ve gone to 24 ever since, like an exile from Lenin’s site.
So when I read the notation from the A&E slab –o-muscle, it just brought this up one more frickin time. I would have responded with a helpful note…… if I had not of read it 2 weeks after he asked. But that really is beside the point. Really.
So if you’re coming to town hit me up, I be more than happy to tell the great things Denver has to offer. But no, we don’t have a gay gym. Stop asking already. We…we have to lift with…....straights!


Adam said...

He's really fun to cam with. I've heard that is..... :P. You're on BigMuscle? Me too.

Dead Robot said...

I love when he redesigns hot Southern homes. The sweat rolls of him like a dyke at Home Depot.

Kezza said...

Gay gym, Steel Magnolias, Gay cruise. What are these things of which you speak? Don't panic, as far as I know there's no gay gym in Melbourne either... Just gay locker rooms, once you walk out of them though you become straight again.

Obviously there are a few things I need to do before I can earn my full gay license. Sigh.