Wednesday, July 30, 2008


I put new tires on the Jeep last week. I have to say that Discount Tire did a great job. I finally up-sized my tires to honkin huge manly Jeep tires. Woof. Grrrrrrr, woof. Now I look as if I’m ready to go off road, but this really means that I’m gonna drive shirtless around Chessman Park over and over. Now I think that the service offered by Discount was pretty great. The next day they sent me an e-mail asking how they did and I let them know what a great job they did. It’s been a week and they have quickly turned into the trick that won’t leave.
They have sent one or sometimes two e-mails every day since we tricked. They started off pretty fine, the “how was our service?” Then, “next time you need us please call.” They quickly turned to “Please… Steve think of us! Discount tire loves you Steve, do you think of us?“

Today’s e-mail went something like:
Your beauty is beyond compare,
With flaming locks of auburn hair,
With ivory skin and eyes of emerald green.
Your smile is like a breath of spring;
Your voice is soft like summer rain,
And we cannot sell tires to anyone but you, StevieB.
StevieB, StevieB, Stevieb, StevieB Please don’t go elsewhere just because you can.

So, Okay so they kinda sounded like a Dolly Parton song.
It was fun we put knobby tires on my Jeep. But that was all. Nothing more.
Damn it, don’t cry!
Really, I’ll call you again but when I need you. It was just tires.
Thank God for the spam file.


Kezza said...

So do we get to see your shirtless self cruising around shirtless with your new tyres? (please excuse my Australian spelling but I just can't bring myself to spell it your way) Obviously you impressed them, you don't believe every customer gets treated like that do you?

I bet the boys there would love to torque up your nuts with their rattle guns!

Anonymous said...

I've never been stalked by a corporation before.

Gooster said...

Um, after working at a Jeep dealership for 11 years, I just wanna tell ya, big knobby tires wear super fast on-road. They look great and love to hear them as I pass (since highway speeds aren't always recommended depending on the tread). They are made of a softer rubber and don't usually have the lifespan of a traditional on-road tire. If you do go off-road, then yeah, they are more practical.

Shirtless? WHAT? I don't think you ever take your shirt off! I think it is all lies! There is never any visual proof! It is like me saying I can fly! Prove I can't! LOL! Don't brag to us if you don't wanna share the love!