Friday, July 18, 2008

I thought I broke my IPod today. As I got into the Jeep ready for another great commute across Denver I grabbed my IPod and plugged it into its holder. Later down the road I picked it up to change from Madonna to an Audio book when BAM! The IPod’s display was toast. This put me into a tail spin that David Sedaris’ new book wouldn’t pull me out of. I realized that this was the sign I needed that it was time for me to get the new IPhone. When I pulled and parked at my destination I pulled off my sunglasses and pulled out the IPod. The screen was fine. Okay, maybe it was just an early morning thing.
At lunch I plugged it back in and again quickly saw the damage. What the fuck is going on here. Just then I looked the display on my radio. It was hosed too. I stopped at an intersection to piece this together. That’s when I screamed. MY SUNGLASSES! I had just bought new shades. Polarized sunglasses, in polarized glasses horizontally polarized light is blocked by the vertically oriented polarizers in the lenses. They react adversely with liquid crystal displays (LCDs.) The problem with LCDs is that when viewed through polarized lenses from a certain angle, they can be invisible.
I’m glad I found this out, yet I lost my built in excuse for an IPhone.

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Gooster said...

Been there and sadly, had a minor heart attack! You are not strange in your experience, but I sonder if there is a polarization that makes silverware disappear?