Thursday, July 31, 2008


What I overheard today coming from the next cubical.

Vi-0-la? Steve why did you send me an E-mail signed Vi-o-la?

Me. What?

Who’s Vi-o-la?

Me. Do you mean.. Voila?

No! you wrote Vi-o-la! (I wrote voila)

Me. Uh…... yes it’s my new pet name for you. Voila, Viola.


Gooster said...

OMG! One of my best mates was telling me about some frozen veggie stir fry mix called Viola! I was like, um, you mean Voila? To this day, I ask him how his viola was last night! LOL! (He is like my gay big brother... I expected more from him really!)

StevieB said...

Chicken Vie-o-la is a Texas delicacy. Nothing better than frozen poultry