Wednesday, December 9, 2009


I was in the middle of my monthly trip to The Container Store for holiday organizing. I do love things to put things in. OCD? No, I just love the canned veggies alphabetized in the pantry. There’s nothing wrong with that.

During my visit to the plastic box store, I had to “hit the head” or use the room of rest. When I was complete with my task, I washed my hands. My wet hands being held out in front of me I circled around for the paper towels. Realizing I looked like a zombie and being alone I started moaning:

“Towels…..must have towels….Arrrrgh! Arrrrrrrrh!”

As I staggered towards the paper towels to attack a nice, normal little queen unsuspectedly came into the bath room. With a look of confusion, bordering on terror on his face. I quickly dried my hands whist humming the song being played on the over-head. A mix of White Christmas being sung by a gay zombie. Just to make him think that I was singing that the entire time.

Then I ran.

If you hear rumors of gay zombies cruising the bathrooms at The Container Store, that was just me.


Wonder Man said...

Stop scaring the innocent people

Howard said...

LOL Poor little queen might be scarred and unable to use a public bathroom again.

Dead Robot said...

I need to amend my bio of you...