Tuesday, July 21, 2009


Okay, I’m obsessed with Obsessed. The new show on A&E. Well in full disclosure I’m really just obsessed with Scott on the first episode, but I do like the entire show, really. No, really.

In the first episode you meet Scott, who is an incredible hunky germaphobe. Who’s house is incredibly…..well sadly I kind of like the pure white cleanliness. But, okay he’s out of control; whatever.

Now, halfway through the episode we meet his horrible, supportive boyfriend. You’ll recognize if you watch any hot, muscled gay porn or picked up a Colt calender lately. God, we hate him. With his perfectly tanned and chiseled good looks. Who does he think he is? When he’s not at the gym, he should be at home spending time with my Scott instead of volunteering at Palm Spring’s Children’s Hospital reading to dying kids. He really is no good for my Scott. Where does he get off?

Sorry….got a little carried away. What was I talking about….

Oh, so yeah. A&E never made having OCD look so hot. Take a look at the schedule, here. All the episodes have compelling and intriguing stories. Check it out sometime.


Anonymous said...

So when you say he must face his fears through CBT, do you mean black hanky CBT? I do that but not to treat OCD...fc

Anonymous said...

Wow, how could a hot and muscled god like that be so finicky? I would think at the gym, he must freak out because all the equipment has germs on them.

Oh, and did he really put the vaginal towel on his face? Was that really therapy?

Anonymous said...

Hey Stevie B. I ran accross a nude pic of Scott from the first episode of Intervention. He is sitting totally nude in his house. Very hot pic. Do you know his last name? If there is the one pic, then there has to be more we can search for online. lol How do I contact you directly?

See-ming Lee said...

Well said! I won't mind if he's OCD or not - Scott's a keeper! :D