Friday, July 31, 2009

A totally believable reason why I didn’t blog today

I totally was going to blog today. Really, then on my way to my computer I got stuck in traffic. I guess the Olympic torch and all the crowds that follow that around was making its way through our entry way and across the living room. It took hours for the runner to get from the front door and out past the pool. Who knew so many vans and torch groupies had to accompany the torch on its path. Not to mention the protesters that tried to extinguish the flame around our wet bar.

Just about twenty minutes ago I got the last news vans out of Fuzzy’s flower beds. What a day. I’m glad that the Olympics only happen every four years. Those runners keep scuffing up my terrazzo. They just think the rule the world don’t they; now that I think of it…..I HATE those torch runners! Man, what right do they have? “Look at us we’re all making sure that the flame doesn’t go out.” I do that every Saturday night at the bar. Lighting drunk guys cigarettes. Where’s my parade? Just saying.


Damien NZ said...

You realise I am not buying a word of this.

................although I am open to bribery.

Then I'd give you an alibi a MONK would be proud of.

The Mutant said...

Are you sure you didn't just end up with a contingent of gay men queing up around your house for you to light their cigarettes?