Friday, July 3, 2009


The 4Th of July! That’s when Americans think that everyone around the globe stops to celebrate the amazement that is America.

Here’s a Cake Wreck cake to celebrate:

If you need me this weekend I’ll be at home in air-conditioned splendor. Willis Carrier invented air conditioning, he was American. So, in a way I’m just like all though denim jean short wearing people standing in line to pay fifty smackers for fireworks. Just cooler..… in every sense of the word.
So unfurl your American flags you got at Wal-mart and made in China. Let’s celebrate.

I’m thinking my extended weekend should include a Karl Malden movie marathon. Just as an excuse to watch On The Waterfront and A Streetcar Named Desire again.

So go! Get out there and have some fun this weekend. Don’t worry about me I got Willis Carrier and Karl Malden as my Homies to keep me company. But if you do decide to go get fireworks; could you pick me up some snakes? I love those.

Sorry for making fun of your denim jean-shorts.


KenPaul66 said...

Yum, that cake has be drooling. Nothing like a plain white cake w/lard icing (shaped like America, no less) from the local grocery store deli. Duff eat your heart out !

Freddyeyes said...

and it was made of cupcakes yes!?

We did those Snake things - MAN they were WAY cooler when I was ten then they were this year when we tried them while on the island!!!