Wednesday, July 22, 2009


*Nerd Alert*
Here’s a first glimpse at the 11th Doctor for the 2010 series of Doctor Who. This is thanks to the Gallifreyan Embassy*

You wont be the first to think that it's George McFly….or is it just me? Maybe the next season will find the Dr. having to go back in time to save his parents at the Enchantment Under the Sea dance.

* Isn’t it great to have someone like me to translate from Nerd to English?


Freddyeyes said...

LOVE IT!!!!!!!!! I am impressed you recall the Enchanted under the sea dance most of all!

STEVIE B. said...

Only because every Damn Gay cruises has a sea themed dance. I like to pretend I’m up on stage tring to get a couple of cracked out, glow stick heads to kiss or I’ll stop existing.

Mike "N" the Mechanics said...

You need help, but please don't stop.