Thursday, July 2, 2009


Okay so, way to go Facebook. I know right, Facebook. Go figure. In the last week I’ve reconnected with my super-hunky friend Nick, which then got me reconnected to super cute friend Susie.

I always thought the only good use for the site was when you’re feeling down; the best way pick yourself up is to find the Facebook group for your high school. Then go down the list of all the people you graduated with. You soon realize that they’ve ballooned up and each has four kids. And there you sit, with the same high school waist size and all that disposable income.

Gets me cheered up every time.

But wait; now there seems to be a better use then giggling at the guys that once laughed at your flock of seagulls hair cut. Reconnecting with hot guys and ex-coworkers who thought you were dead.

During the “college days” I worked as a waiter at a vegetarian restaurant. I was a really bad waiter. To this day I have a recurring dream that I’ve forgotten a table in station six. I wake up with shivers. Then I start to think what happen to the only people who could feel this pain. Kind of like A Deer Hunter, but without jungle rot. Now I know, and next time at three in the morning when I wake up screaming “Spice tea!” I can put an update status on Facebook and somewhere, someone will get me.

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