Thursday, July 30, 2009


When I started working for my current company it was shirts and ties, shirts and ties must look like government well-to-dos. Good for us walking around like we’re all military types.

Then, it was….”well no one can see our sixty-five dollars shirts and ties, let’s dress business casual.” Yeah, I was all for it.

Well, then everyone got laid off. Everyone. The herd of lesbians? Gone. All the formal LPGA golf shirts, bye-bye.

So, then us “Left Behinders” just started wearing jeans and T-shirts. Nice ones, it’s not like I’m wearing my Hoist Bar Tee* to work. Not that anyone would notice, or care.

My boss dropped by and gave me a cap with our branch of the military’s logo on it. Cool hu? I joked that I was going to start wearing caps to work, her response was one of you could wear a rubber glove on your head and run around screaming “I’m a chicken – I’m a chicken” and she wouldn’t care. So today, I’m wearing a baseball cap at work. Now the only reason I bring this up is because I feel weird. Maybe I’ve been in human resources so long somehow it’s just not right. Like cutting that rats nest out of Kate Gosselin's hair.

So, I think this goes in the I’m getting old file. That fact that I won’t wear baseball caps or leather bar T-shirts to work. Who knew?

*Google it, I dare you.


Gooster said...

Tomorrow, wear the glove and walk in and talk to your boss. PLEASE!!!

The Mutant said...

Right, so I googled 'hoist bar' and came to two conclusions:

1. I wanna go there - bad.
2. You should come to work following the SBN night dress code!

Let me know how that goes.

Damien NZ said...

Pfft - .......... pussy.

Mutt - we can go together - I havent been on a leash in years :)

Dyl said...

Our place has done this in reverse recently. It was originally very stuffy, but over the years it turned into jeans and casual shirts. This last week, a new manager, and we're back to formal business suits. Personally I think it's great - you don't have to think in the morning which means a few extra minutes in bed.
No ever turned up in fetish gear to my knowledge. Shame.

Wonder Man said...

it's snappy casual at my job

the replicant said...

I wonder how far the dress code bar will fall... cutoffs and flipflops?

SharkBoy said...

I wear a cap every day on my way to work and one morning I totally forgot to remove it. It drove one of my co-worker crazy to the point that he printed the Dress Code Do's and Don'ts to show me caps were not appropriate. I still waited until half way through the morning to take it off after that...