Monday, July 13, 2009



I’m trying to figure out a relationship in my head this week. So all the time I spend in traffic rolling over stuff to blog about is now devoted to Luke(not his real name.)

Luke and I reconnected via Facebook last week since the 90’s when we were gay vegetarian waiters. Don’t misconstrue, Fuzzy is and always will be my rock, this is different. I’ve found myself this last week trying to dissect Luke; figure out what makes him smile. It’s funny, when you step away from someone good in your life you realize how many bits you’ll miss by being emotionally distant.

Okay, sorry. Blah, blah, blah. Since my head is in the clouds I thought I’d give you a photo essay of how I’m feeling this week.


Howard said...

It takes a village to complete you.

The Mutant said...

Whoa, that's like, amazingly deep and shit. Man - inside your head must look like a Salvador Dali painting at times.

Deep - I feel your pain. Been there, tore myself up over it, tried to move on, couldn't... Then discovered I'd left the handbrake on.

Or something like that.