Friday, July 24, 2009


You’ll be glad to hear that I sent a friend request to Ellie Ewing on Facebook.

I've been waiting days for a response, yet haven’t received confirmation of our friendship. I’m beginning to think that maybe she doesn’t want me as a friend, sad but true. Just the thought of this makes me want to toss my muscular body onto my bed and sob into my pillow.

Now, this isn’t a fan site for Dallas the TV show or a Barbara Bel Geddes group. This is actually Miss Ellie Ewing. On Facebook. Huh, I thought. As you well know, the fictional Miss Ellie left South Fork to travel the world with Clayton years ago. This is why I found it odd that she popped up on Facebook. I’ll keep you updated. Sue Ellen Ewing hasn’t responded to my friend request either, but I understand. She drinks. Maybe she’ll see that I belong to the JR’s bar in Denver and Dallas Facebook groups. Because you know, she drinks.

Don't you just love that she's reading War and Peace in the above photo?


Are you friends with J.D. Hoodie on Facebook? You Oughta Be! He’s just the coolest hooded, sweat shirt you’ll ever be friends with…… Uh….Um…..

See….He’s a hoodie that’s traveling the world. You can follow he’s travels, and even chat with him. If you’d like you can sign up to host him. Show him your town and take pictures of the two of you on adventures.

Ooooooh fun hu!?

He’s Down under now hanging out with the Mutant. Check him out.


Howard said...

There, there. We still love you. Oh, I almost forgot. Kristin Shepard wants to see you about something.

STEVIE B. said...

Yes, I’ll take obscure 80’s TV character references for $200 Alex!

Freddyeyes said...

NICE!!!! I went through my facebook recently and saw that I had a friend request in for like a year for baconaise!? SO at least your character may be out of town.. I'm not being loved by a condiment that I haven't tried yet... Hmmm maybe THAT's why!?

JD HOODIE ROCKS!!!!!! Awesome picture of him about to board the plane~!