Monday, August 3, 2009


You be glad to know that I’m now friends with Miss Ellie Ewing on Facebook. A sigh of relief, I’m sure. My next step is to weasel my way into her life at Southfork to get invited to the next Ewing BBQ. Back in the day, on the….what was it called? Fake-titted-stripper named Amber space? Or My Space? All my friends were gay porn stars. Now my coolest friend is a fictional character from the 80’s TV show Dallas. I’ve grown as an individual.

Saturday we went to Union, a restaurant in Castle Rock, Colorado. It was one of those high end restaurants in a small mountain town. American Bistro yet trying too hard. They practiced the vertical stacking type of food presentation. I had the Pork Chop Jenga. So I spent ten minutes trying to figure out what to eat and still win the game.
“If I move the apple chutney infused olive oil grilled Virginia ham spinnettes, then the blanched pear and pesto artichokes may fall. Damn! If I eat one more bite of the nine-cheese and date blackened potato and salmon crocates with mango foam then the whole tower will topple over.”

This went on for about two hours and four glasses of wine.

Sunday was a great morning run in Cheesman Park. I found that the best album to run to is Jody Watley’s The Makeover. It’s completely energizing and, it's fun to run too with spirit fingers.


Wonder Man said...

it is a nice CD

The Mutant said...

Pork chop Jenga sounds like my kind of game!

I challenge you to a duel!