Tuesday, August 25, 2009


Fuzzy and I pulled up in front of a premier 4X4 and off-road accessory store. As we started to get out to look at wheels for his truck and anything expensive and shiny I can bolt onto the Wrangler I turned and sarcastically said:

“…and try to butch it up a little.”

“Yes” Fuzz said with an eye brow raised. “Two guys, perfect haircuts and brand new Pumas. They think we’re huntin buddies….Well we are huntin buddies.”

Shouldn’t we just be a happy well adjusted couple that pounds butt? Just to help be a positive role model to help expand the 4X4 accessory markets perception of their target demographic? Like a sales market coordinator will be in a meeting, saying that yes, yet another scantily clad big boobed model would be great on their new add campaign, but there was the time when the butch gays bought our 4” lift kit. Maybe are customer would like seeing something less obvious.

“Like be the gay you want to see in the world.”

Fuzzy rolled his eyes. “What’s this now The Tao of Steve?” Let’s go drool over my 22” shiny chrome wheels and we’ll just exhibit an air of our natural homomasculinity.”

“Now who’s talking in clichés?” But he was right, because as soon as we saw the new chrome on black 22” wheels, first he screamed in delight like a little girl. Then, proceeded to hump the tires like a wolf in heat.


Gooster said...

I've been known to hump a big tread tire or even a tricked out snorkel. Sadly, my Wrangler is pretty much stock. Someday.... when it's paid off......

John said...

I just bought a new Ford Explorer... it's shiny and BLUE.


The Man had to keep me from humping it's shininess.

I still maintain I was trying to buff a little spot off the bumper.

I would SO have bought a Wrangler or Rubicon if you and Fuzz were the models draped over them.

grrr... woof!

Mike "N" the Mechanics said...

I am so sad I missed that trip.

tao said...

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