Tuesday, August 18, 2009

LATTER DAYS an overdue review

Yesterday was the first time I sat through Latter Days the 2003 movie. I’ve really tried in the past; I’d get into it then (not to spoil the plot) Aaron would get sent home and I’d have a meltdown.

I never came close in my upbringing to be outed and excommunicated from the Mormon Church but, the threat of stepping out of line was ingrained into me as a small child. For any reason, especially when your feelings go against the teachings pounded into you every day.

When I was little I never saw the middle of The Wizard of Oz, the flying monkey music would start and I’d jump behind the sofa. I’ve been doing the same thing with this movie, jumping behind the sofa. I flipped by it a couple of times when I saw it on the Logo channel, stopped, then decided it was time to exorcise the flying mormon monkeys. So, I just sat there clutching the dog and let it play. It sucked. Not the movie, that was great. The detaching up part sucked. But in the end I grew up a lot. I may have a new favorite gay themed movie. After Trick, of course.


Wonder Man said...

Interesting, maybe I should see this

oh, thanks for the compliment.

Kelly said...

The Trip is even better and more heart wrenching... it is my favorite gay movie...

Moby said...

If you saw the full (uncut) version, the opening scene was even hotter! lol

I've read good and bad reviews for the movie and I can see both sides but I thoroughly enjoyed it. The few bad scenes did not IMHO bring down the whole movie. The story itself, while a bit Hollywood, is sad but endearing and sweet.