Monday, August 24, 2009


Can I just tell you how much easier my life is now that I’ve started referencing the website Cooper Guns. Whenever my routine at the gym gets a little boring I can just click on this link and find four new sets to work what ever I need to get done.

Although I’m finding it more important when someone asks “Hey, what’s that? What does that work?” Now instead of just saying “Hummm shoulders?” I can say “Dude. It’s the Cross Over Front Raise to totally blast your Delts.” By that point they’re so amazed that I can then talk them into sniffing my jock. But, that’s a different story. Thank you online bodybuilding encyclopedia!

Outside of the gym, we had a frickin busy weekend, to many different social engagements. Everyone waiting until the weekend we hit one hundred degrees to throw their back yard BBQ’s. Sunday was Carl’s birthday extravaganza. He did choose a nice air-conditioned brunch in Blackhawk’s Ameristar Casino. Smart guy. We then parked Fuzzy at a Blackjack table and went to explore the town. Typical Fags, go to a mountain casino town and then leave the gambling to explore unusual turn of the century Opera houses and museums. Jerrod took, about six thousand pictures. I’ll post a link.

When Fuzzy finally came back from the tables to find my stuffing my face full of Buffalo Wings he had a pocket full of $100 chips, so not to shabby.

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Wonder Man said...

sounds like fun...wish I had some wings